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– Data Recovery and Forensic Investigations

Electronic Forms

(PDF forms can be found in the bottom of this page.)

Service Form Enterprise
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Brand, size and storage capacity.
Describe the problem with the storage media and how the data loss occured.
File-examples: Pictures, Word, videofiles, SMS, contact list etc.
Here you can leave more information.
If you have any questions, please call 233 68 555.

General terms
(for companies within the EU no VAT is charged if VAT number is submitted in the form)

Examination/diagnosis: The diagnosis is free of charge. A fixed price will be given after examination.

Data recovery from all storage media: For data recovery we charge between SEK 2 000 and 16 500 depending on what kind of storage media it is, the extent of damage and the storage capacity of the storage media. See our price list. All price quotes are exclusive VAT 25 %.

Recovery of deleted data: A fixed price of the whole recovery is given after the examination is done.

Data recovery mobile phone: Ahlberg data will sometimes have to open up the phone and examine the components inside. We disclaim responsibility for damage that may be done to the phone during that process, for example broken screen, damaged cover and battery etc. The phone is returned in parts, regardless of the result of the diagnosis.

Forensic examination: An individual quote will be given depending on the extent of work. A forensic technician will contact the client and give further information.

Spare parts: The cost for spare parts that may be necessary to purchase for an advanced recovery is charged to the client even if data can not be recovered. The client is always notified in advance of the cost.

Ahlberg data does not take responsibility for items/goods left at the office for more than 1 month after the operation has been finished or cancelled.

Ahlberg data can not guarantee that every data file can be recovered into working condition. A normal result is that between 60 and 100 percent of the files can be restored, depending on the extent of the damage to the storage media and file system. Big files spanning over many different sectors are sometimes not recoverable.

Dismantling of storage media: Ahlberg data will without charge remove the hard drive from any computer case or other hard drive case. We can however not guarantee the functionality of the computer or hard drive case after the job is finished.

Confidentiality: Ahlberg data guarantee that no information of the content of the storage media is passed on to other person, company or authority. The only exception is if the hard drive contains evidence of serious crimes.

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